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Do you live in or around Richardson, Texas? The affluent Dallas suburb is a nice place to call home and also a great place to explore. While it is an inner Dallas suburb, the city boasts a metropolitan population. It is also known for its communication companies. As you get ready to learn more about the city of Richardson TX, let’s take a look at some of its top attractions.

Take the family over to Breckenridge Park. This park is located off of Park Vista Road, and it has a soccer field, picnic tables and more. People talk about brining a hammock to set up, too. There is a pond on site, and the park is a really peaceful place to enjoy spending time with the family. Be sure you pack that picnic when you head on over to Breckenridge Park.

Do you like touring breweries and visiting the tasing rooms? If so, then you need to stop on by Four Bullets Brewery. The brewery is located at 640 North Interurban Street, the red ale is said to be one of the favorites. There is going to be a food truck on site, so you don’t have to worry about getting something to eat. There are also games to play. Four Bullets Brewery would make a nice vacation stop or a weekend visit to get to know the area.

There are escape rooms you can enjoy in Richardson, too. One of them is called Escape This. Technically located on Spring Valley Road in Farmers Branch, Escape This claims to be the best escape room in all of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex area. Enjoy the heist room as you work with your team to escape, putting your problem solving skills to the test. It’s a great place for birthday parties, too, or just to have some fun. Hop on over to Escape This and enjoy time with the family.

The North Texas Automotive Museum is one of the listed attractions for Richardson TX. Yet is is not the museum and banquet room it used to be. That might be unfortunate to the ones who knew about it previously, but it has turned into a go-kart track. Hey, that sounds like family fun right there.

A visit to the park, the go-kart track, an escape room and a brewery await you. There is so much more to do in Richardson, Texas, too. You are about to find out just what all the city has to offer.

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